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20 June 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Logical Reasoning is Important and Rare  
 This article raises some very real, very important problems developing in certain parts of the world (in particular in India and China), where parents are increasingly aborting female fetuses in favor of male.  However, it then concludes that the only solution is restricting abortion.

Regardless of one's opinion on abortion, the evidenced described in the article itself does not support this claim.  The author cites several periods in history (prior to the advent of modern medical abortions) when skewed sex ratios were achieved; at the time, infanticide of female babies was the cause, a practice which would be by no means prevented by the restriction of abortion.  Furthermore, legal or illegal, parents wishing to control the sex of their children will still have access to abortions (albeit less safe options if abortion is restricted).

There are only two options to significantly alter the skewed birth ratio.  In the short term, the only action with a significant impact would be to restrict ultrasounds (though that too has problems and would likely not be terribly effective).  In the long term, the actual solution is a large scale public health campaign to change cultural attitudes about gender preference.

In summary, this is yet another article discussing an important topic which then veers off into a (likely politically motivated) illogical and irrational conclusion.